An apple for a teacher … I think not!

An apple for a teacher … I think not!

The sun is shining and summer is nearly here which means one thing….6 looooooong weeks of holidays. The idea of spending some quality time with the family sounds so exciting.  Sunny days spent on the beach eating ice cream and splashing in the sea, evenings spent in the garden with the sausages sizzling on the BBQ.  Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? 

Well before children this is how I had always imagined our Summer holidays with the family. We’d be like the Waltons.  Everyone would get on with each other, the Summer would always be sunny and my children would play happily for hours. 

However…  I have later realised that this only ever happens in Hollywood blockbusters and even the thought of trying to entertain the children for 6 weeks makes me break out into a sweat! 

We even had a trial run a few weeks ago…three tantrums before even getting in the car! I then started to wonder if I could enrol him into a 6 week long Summer school. Once we arrived I was not prepared to give up on my Hollywood movie dream so cue super positive, well prepared mother in action. Off we go to the beach, find a perfect spot and we pitch up, bag full of beach equipment… a tent, bats, balls, inflatables etc. You name it, we had it!  

What I wasn’t prepared for was child number one screaming “Mammy I don’t like sand!” My response “But we are on a beach and it’s so much fun to play in”.  Cue tantrum no 22 of the day “I don’t like wearing wet shorts”.  My response “You have been playing in the sea and it’s wet so you will have to wait until they dry or change!” “But I don’t want to change and I don’t want wet shorts!”

So the trial run did not go to plan and the beach experience lasted 20 minutes and most of that was spent erecting the blumin’ tent and then trying to pack it away

So Miss Davies, thank you for everything you do and an apple just won’t do! You are worth your weight in gold and if ever you need anywhere to live you are always welcome to move in! I think every child needs a Miss Davies.

Here are some lovely items to say thank you to your superstar teacher!

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