East Of India Noah’s Ark


This stunning NOAHS ARK SET from East of India depicts the traditional tale of Noah and his Ark and is full of intricate details and beautiful colours. With each piece individually carved and painted in soft, neutral tones, the story is effortlessly bought to life. The set contains twelve pairs of animals, ranging from zebras to sheep, join Noah and his wife inside the wooden ark, which comes in two pieces. The lid, which boasts a large cabin complete with a door either end and soft grey windows which match the pitched roof, fits snugly on top of the base. The deep hull of the boat is painted with soft grey lines, giving the illusion of planks of wood and acts as a storage box for the cabin which when turned upside down, fits neatly inside. The animals come presented in a sturdy cardboard box which is ideal for storing them in and is decorated with pale blue polkas dots and a plaque that reads ‘Noah & Co’. Also within this box is a wooden ladder allowing the animals to escape the flood and make their way to safety upon the ark. The colour scheme used throughout is natural and calming, featuring tones of grey and beige making it extremely versatile and able to match any colour scheme. This would make a beautiful and special keepsake for a new baby, child’s 1st birthday, christening etc. NB This should be played with under supervision as it is a piece of craftwork with some small pieces and not intended as a toy.

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Dimensions 20 × 33 × 12 cm

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