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Elf on the Shelf

The dreaded ‘C’ Word…

Let’s face it ..the summer has gone.. done and dusted! This week sees frantic parents running around after last minute school uniforms. With the ever demanding teenager shouting “Not those shoes!”, “I wouldn’t be seen dead in those trousers!” and “That skirt is way too long”.  A friend of mine, who has a teenage boy, […]

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Thank you TEACHER :)

Six whole weeks off for the Summer.. How lucky are some hey!! What a job!  Even when they are in work they have a whole hour for lunch and don’t even start until  9am and then are done by half 3 / 4 at a push! …. I think i’m in the wrong profession.. this […]

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fathers day gifts

Daddy or Chips?

Oh no, it’s that dreaded time of year again…Father’s day!  Bless them…It’s not even on our radar until the day before and then it’s panic station! “Did I get him socks last year?” “Where is open on a Sunday morning?” “Surely a bottle of beer will do?” “He won’t even notice!” I have thought all […]

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