Thank you TEACHER :)

Favourite TeacherSix whole weeks off for the Summer.. How lucky are some hey!! What a job!  Even when they are in work they have a whole hour for lunch and don’t even start until  9am and then are done by half 3 / 4 at a push! …. I think i’m in the wrong profession.. this sounds lookike a dream job 🙂

If only!  From being a primary teacher myself, being married to one, having relatives and friends who are teachers, the reality seems to be if most of these amazing teachers were paid per hour they’d be millionaires !  They work so crazily hard not only teaching our little ones to count, draw, sing, sit quietly, use the loo etc,  they also have to tackle all the paperwork which seems to be increasing by the minute!

How many parents dread the summer holidays when their little munchkins are home for a whole 6 weeks messing up the house, arguing with their siblings, spending every last penny of yours and basically driving you up the wall and wishing for September 1st to come 5 weeks early 🙂

So, with the summer holidays looming, I think now’s a good time to say a big THANK YOU to teachers.  I know on a personal note my little boy can’t wait to get to school which shows what an amazing job his teacher does in making his learning the most enjoyable experience.  Teachers.. you truly deserve your 6 weeks for the Summer and think you do a top job!  DIOLCH 🙂

Pop in to Cuckoo’s Nest for a peep at our lovely teacher cards and gifts to say a big thank you to your teacher 🙂

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