The dreaded ‘C’ Word…

Let’s face it ..the summer has gone.. done and dusted! This week sees frantic parents running around after last minute school uniforms. With the ever demanding teenager shouting “Not those shoes!”, “I wouldn’t be seen dead in those trousers!” and “That skirt is way too long”.  A friend of mine, who has a teenage boy, has even threatened to boil her own head in protest as she is convinced it would be less painful than the dreaded back to school chaos.


This year sees me join in with the ‘Back to school’ army of parents…although much less organised than my fellow parents as I still have no school shoes or shorts!!! It could be a very interesting first day for Cian and possibly very memorable for his classmates too.


As calm is once again restored with pupils returning to school we will once again see happy and calm parents returning to the shop, no longer concentrating on the crowd control but are now able to leisurely browse and even pick up a coffee before heading back to the school gates.


It is in this time we will hear people utter the dreaded ‘C’ word…Christmas!!! It is usually at this point where we too panic of the thought of all the Christmas orders that need placing…but not this year! We have had a pro-active Summer and smug to say most of our Christmas orders have now been placed J This year is going to be the most exciting yet at Cuckoos Nest.   The first Christmas for our new shop in Cardigan, Llandeilo’s amazing annual Festival of Senses, the Christmas window competition etc.. and the most amazing gift ideas…so much to look forward to!


This year we are embracing ‘Festive Fun’ with lots of fun and quirky activities to keep everyone entertained. We will see lots of sprouts and the return of our Christmas Elf on the shelf. Here’s a sneak preview of some of what we have to offer…like us on Facebook for further updates as we’re not expecting stock to stay around long.


Ho ho ho!!! (sorry…that was uncalled for!!!)


ENT-SPROUTElf on the Shelf

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